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by Jim Mann

Presented at

Health Medicine Forum Symposium
Practicing Integrative Health Care
June 28 & 29, 1997
Mt. Diablo Hospital, Concord, California

Regenesis, as a healing technique, was developed by Robert Rasmussen of Santa Cruz, California. Mr. Rasmussen, a mechanical engineer, came upon the energy through intuition. He was visiting his secretary, whose daughter suffered from severe genu varum, when he had a strong feeling that if he touched the outside of her knees, something would happen. It did. Most startlingly, her bowed legs slowly came together. As word spread of this remarkable ability, Mr. Rasmussen discovered that, once he was presented with a particular disease or injury, he would within a short time encounter a number of other closely related cases. He used these opportunities to explore the most effective access point for applying the energy. This system, as well as a technique for gaining access to the energy and applying it, is communicable by normal teaching methods.

Though Eastern philosophies had been conversant with such energy systems for thousands of years, and had even developed energy "anatomies," at the time of Mr. Rasmussen's discovery, there was no scientific underpinning for any sort of explanation as to what this energy was or how it worked. That it was inherent in biological systems was obvious - it worked on plants and animals, as well as human beings.

When Dr. Robert O. Becker published his research(1) into the electrical potentials at the surgical stump of a salamander's leg, which would regenerate, as compared to that of a frog, which did not, Robert Rasmussen took note. This difference, Dr. Becker discovered, was purely in polarity. The frog stump had a positive potential that gradually reduced to zero as the stump healed, and the salamander had a negative potential, which also reduced to zero - but as the leg regenerated. Furthermore, Dr. Becker discovered that if he applied a mild electric current with a negative potential to the freshly severed stump of a frog's leg, the frog, too, regenerated a whole new limb.

Jim Robert Rasmussen had himself tested, and it was found that the exertion of the healing energy, whatever it was, created a secondary electrical field- a field with negative potential - identical to that occurring naturally at the stump of a salamander's leg. Thus, some decades after Mr. Rasmussen began his work, the term "Regenesis" was coined by a group of his students.

Obviously, the presence of a negative potential is itself insufficient to convey the type of complex information required for regeneration of a severed limb. Although all the information for any organism exists within the DNA itself in terms of function, how do the individual cells know what to re-differentiate into? How do they know, spatially, where to go? The phenomenon is similar to the blastula stage of an embryo. We know it happens - chemical messengers seem to be secreted in sequence, a polarity forms, and newly differentiated cells go where they are supposed to - but we don't know how.

To begin to gather some idea of what might be happening, we need to venture into the realm of the Tiller-Einstein model of the universe and into Kirlian photography.

Currently, the medical model of the human body is that of an intricate machine that is controlled by the brain and the peripheral nervous system. In the Einsteinian paradigm, matter and energy are dual expression of the same universal "substance," and human beings are networks of complex energy fields that interface with highly condensed energy, or physical matter, which makes up cellular systems. When applied to vibrational medicine, such as acupuncture, this paradigm suggests that healing is a matter of correcting imbalances in the energy system that may be underlying physical disease. These energy systems, however, are not part of the Newtonian universe, or they would have long since been described through normal scientific investigation.

To date, because of the exponential relationship between kinetic energy and velocity (the Einstein-Lorentz Transformation, which says that as velocity approaches the speed of light, mass, or inertia, increases to approach infinity), most researchers have taken the speed of light to be the ultimate limitation. If speeds greater than light are inserted into the formula, numbers such as the square root of -1, an imaginary number, are encountered. The use of such numbers, however, is already considered normal and necessary in the solution of some electromagnetic and quantum equations. If one then takes a leap of faith and ascribes reality to these numbers, a remarkable thing happens - a mathematical mirror image of the Newtonian universe, or negative space/time universe appears. In this universe, everything is reversed. Rather than gaining, particles lose mass as they accelerate, and entropy decreases over time.

In the Newtonian universe, the tendency is always towards entropy - disorder, decay, and chaos. One notable exception to this is life. Living organisms take in raw, disorganized materials and build them into organized systems - negative entropy - giving way to entropy only after the organism has been exposed to time in the Newtonian universe.

Is life, then, particularly developing life, somehow connected to the universe of negative space/time and the energies that may be found there? Kirlian photography is a good tool to further look into this possibility.

To produce a Kirlian photograph (also known as an electrograph), a high-frequency power source is connected to an electrode beneath a sheet of film, creating an electrical field of high potential that bathes the film. When a grounded object is placed on the film in complete darkness, the electron trails created by electrons flowing from the charged plate to the grounded object create an image. Just as an MRI produces diagnostically valuable results only when the frequency of the apparatus is set to resonate with hydrogen, the discharge corona produced by a Kirlian photograph is significant only when the frequencies of the power source resonate with the negative space/time frequencies involved in biological system.

Understanding this seems to be the key in replicability of Kirlian photograph experiments, such as the "phantom leaf." If a piece of a leaf is removed and the remaining leaf is grounded and placed on a Kirlian plate, the resulting image is still that of the entire leaf. What is more, if the vein side of the leaf is placed against the plate, the image of the missing portion is of the veined side of the leaf. If the pore side is photographed, it is the pore side of the missing portion that produces an image. This would be equivalent to slicing off the upper fingers of a hand and taking electrographs of the front and back of the hand. One electrograph would show phantom fingerprints, and the other would show phantom fingernails. The spatial and organizational properties of such a biological energy field would seem to be holographic in nature (2). This supposition is further evidenced if the missing piece of the leaf is a circle removed from the center. The resulting electrograph reveals a leaf with the circle, which contains an image of the entire leaf with a circular hole in the center containing a tinier leaf.

Dr. Harold Burr discovered that, in plant seedlings, the contour of the electrical field surrounding the new sprouts followed the shape of the adult plant. Taken together with the results from Kirlian photography experiments, we might now surmise that there is indeed some sort of holographic energy field that provides guidance and spatial orientation to the rapidly developing tissues and organs of an embryo - an energy field template(3). This energy field is often referred to in vibrational healing as the "etheric body."

kirlian photoAs an experiment, Robert Rasmussen exposed his fingertip to a Kirlian plate set to resonate with the harmonic of an etheric body while he exerted the Regenesis energy. From this, an image was produced of a bright blue corona of exceptional brilliance, definition and width. This strongly suggests that Regenesis does indeed operate by affecting the etheric body, the energy template for the physical body. Mr. Rasmussen has postulated that the Regenesis energy 1) restores to normal any distortion in the etheric body and/or 2) causes it to temporarily revert to its embryonic function and intensity of activity.

The mechanism whereby this would cause effects such as nearly instantaneous resolution of genu varum is quite unknown, but I have myself felt the movement of bone and joints in cases of misaligned TMJs, exaggerated lordosis, mild scoliosis, and fractures. Other effects, given the postulated etheric body and its function, are more consistent with current knowledge and models. These would be slowly appearing remissions, over a period of treatment, for chronic conditions such as hepatitis C, and the slow regression of tumors with no other modality than Regenesis.

The treatments consist of the practitioner arousing the Regenesis energy internally, then focusing it through hand positions and a breathing technique similar to prahna yoga. Treatments may take seconds, as noted above, to months of weekly one-hour sessions. No practitioner can make promises to a client regarding any condition. While the vast majority of clients receive at least partial relief of a particular condition, some individuals seem able to block the energy on a subconscious level. Others may receive good results for one condition, but find no benefit for another, though the same condition may be quite amenable in yet another client. The variables here are not well understood, but seem to depend a great deal on the individual.

In my own practice I have found that many conditions, such as sciatica and migraine, are occasionally relieved completely after one session but more often recur after a few days. Subsequent treatments provide longer periods of relief, until a point is reached at which pain does not return. Vertebral subluxations, even of long-standing and with a history of resistance to chiropractic treatment, usually respond completely with a single treatment. Pain from whiplash injuries is almost always reduced after a single treatment, but multiple treatments are usually necessary for complete relief.

I have also had very positive results working with two clients who had become painfully bedridden with fibromyalgia. Significant relief was obtained with the first treatment, and a full return to normal lifestyle was obtained after six treatments in one case and eight in the other. It was subsequently discovered, however, that continued remission is dependent on regular follow-up treatments.

One of the fibromyalgia clients also had a mild scoliosis that, according to her, had been present since infancy. This was corrected using Regenesis in a single 45-minute treatment. Over the next several weeks, the condition recurred to a lesser extent twice, and twice was realigned with short treatments. Radiographs subsequent to an automobile accident two years later revealed the reduction still to be almost complete.

Two final examples, given here to illustrate the range of possibility for Regenesis, are from current cases. In one, a tumor diagnosed as a primary mesothelioma on CAT scans prompted the client's thoracic surgeon to press for immediate lung surgery. After two months of Regenesis as the only treatment, the client had returned to full activity and feeling of health and well-being. The tumor had ceased growing and even regressed to where surgery was no longer under consideration and no further diagnostic evaluation is being recommended until June of 1998.

In the other, a middle-aged woman arrived for her first treatment for cancer from a primary malignant thymoma that had extensively metastasized to her pleural cavity and to her pericardium. She had undergone several surgeries and aggressive chemotherapy. Her treatment, at the time she came to me, was entirely palliative, and she had been advised to seek assistance from Hospice. She walked with a halting gait, was dependent on oxygen 24 hours a day, and was coughing profusely from fluid in her lungs and her pericardial sac, for which she received surgical treatment three weeks before. When she arrived for her second Regenesis session, she stated that she had not used the oxygen except for two brief periods and at half the previous flow, she was sleeping better, and for the last two days had found herself spontaneously laughing and singing. As of this writing, she is due for her third treatment two days hence; I am very much looking forward to continuing treatments with this remarkable woman.

In summary, though the energy used in Regenesis has yet to be subjected to scientific study, it has been empirically observed to produce significantly consistent and beneficial results for both acute and chronic conditions, some considered to be extremely resistant to remission, and to do so with the only known side effects being stress relief and inducement of a temporary but profound alpha state.


I would like to thank Dr. Rachelle Halpern for her encouragement and her invaluable editorial guidance in the preparation of this syllabus entry.

1. Becker, R. et al., "The Direct Current System: A Link Between the Environment and the Organism," New York State of Journal of Medicine, vol. 62 (1962), pp. 1169-1176

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Follow up notes: Five years after composition of this paper, the client with the mesothelioma is still fully active and feeling healthy. While the tumor remains present, it has neither grown nor metastasized. The woman with the primary thymoma regained her former muscle mass, sense of health and well-being, and active lifestyle. She subsequently moved to the Midwest to live with her family.

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