Welcome to House of Healing Hands, your center for alternative healing, health maintenance, and relaxation. If you have sore muscles, back problems, injuries either major or minor, a chronic disease, or simply feel stressed out, one of the modalities will surely give relief. Even if you are healthy and just want to stay that way, a mini-vacation with a session will have you telling your friends to schedule an appointment...soon!

Jim Mann has been designated a Master Healer by the Regenesis Healing Center and by his mentor, Robert Rasmusson, who was himself recognized world-wide as a master healer. Jim is one of only three practitioners of Regenesis to be so named. For a partial list of conditions he has worked with, see What Others Say.

In addition to the practice of Regenesis, Jim has taught T'ai Chi for over ten years. While his focus is on health, he is very knowledgeable on the use of T'ai Chi as a martial art. Lessons are geared to the individual, and everyone learns at his or her own pace.

Consider, too, a session of lymph drainage. Feel your stress melt away as you receive an incredibly healthful massage using a technique developed by Bruno Chikly, M.D. This method works with the anatomy of the lymph system to cleanse the entire body and to tone the lymph vessels for continued good health. It is especially good for cellulite and most cases of lymph edema.

Jim: (925) 286-5505

Call today for an appointment. Mention this web site and receive $10.00 off your first treatment.

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