What Others Say

"It is impossible to express the gratitude I hold in my heart. Please share this. I want the world to know what a wonderful healer you are." Lesley Larson, Friday Harbor, WA

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the energy work. Today I feel much better. I slept well last night and my head is clearer. I am really calm, and I know the energy will continue working so more is to come. But I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. My shoulder feels better, I have no pain in my back. You are the miracle man and I thank you for being in my life. Every time I've broken down, I've been able to come to you and you just pick me back up in so many ways - mentally, physically, spiritually, and with a lot of love. I'm a very blessed person to know you." Carla Clark, Martinez, CA

"In 2001, I came down with Endocarditis. This is a staph, bacterial infection which eventually affects the heart. I was in the hospital for 5 weeks and on antibiotics for 9 weeks. During that time Jim and Laurie came by as often as they could and worked on me. I was told later that I had a 50-50 chance to live while in the hospital. When I saw the cardiologist after I got home, he said it was the worst case of Endocarditis he had seen, but the best recovery so far; but that I would need heart valve surgery or repair somewhere down the line...not maybe...when....and I hadn't even started working with Jim on a regular basis!! On Thanksgiving, 2001, I could hardly cook one item. At that point I started working with Jim, and by Christmas I could do so much more. Working with him on a weekly basis, for over a year, I have nearly become whole again, doing most of the activities I did before. At the cardiolgist's appointment in December, he said that I was moving away from surgery rather than towards it. Thanks, Jim, for your miracles."
Pam, Benicia, CA

"A year after my lower leg was crushed and infection had set in, the bones showed no sign of healing. My doctors said the leg would have to be amputated, the sooner the better. I began taking herbs and seeing Jim. Two treatments relieved most of the pain; a month later, the infection drained and the bone fragments began to heal. Thankfully, I still have my leg."
Dewey, Brentwood, CA

"I have multiple sclerosis. Six years ago, my left side felt like it had exploded - heat all over my face, tingling through my left side. I had an MRI in which they found a lesion on the right backside of my brain stem and on my left cheek running from my nose half way back to my ear. In March of 1998 I met Jim, who offered a free treatment at an introductory evening. I was skeptical, to say the least, and apprehensive about the possibility of adding to my feeling of heat and electrical energy in my body, but his calm demeanor and the peaceful atmosphere allowed me to feel safe in his hands. As soon as he touched my shoulders, my sacroiliac joint went back into place. I could feel the energy move down my left side - my shoulder seemed to relax, and when I stood up, I felt straighter. I knew my body had changed. I have now, as of April 15, had four full sessions with Jim. I can feel activity in my right side, and I have ovulated on the right for the first time in six years. My gait is steadier and I feel more balanced. I feel that Regenesis has helped me in many ways, physically, mentally, and emotionally."
Sue, Dublin, CA

"Not only did my back pain disappear, but I felt new all over - even my skin felt new."
David, Pleasant Hill, CA

"An MRI disclosed a tumor in my right upper pleural cavity, pressing on my lung. I was told by a thoracic surgeon that, without treatment, I would die an excruciating death. His recommendation was removal of the lung. After asking if I could speak with someone who had undergone this surgery and being told he knew of none who were alive, I began seeing Jim. At first, the euphoria and sense of healthy well-being the treatments gave me lasted only a day or two, but over time this feeling of wellness has lasted longer and longer. Now I feel good from treatment to treatment. After two months, another MRI revealed that not only had the tumor stopped growing, it had begun to shrink. I look forward to a future completely tumor-free."
Frank Robinson, Prunedale, CA

"Because of an old injury, I have been a chiropractic patient for many years, suffering from periodic muscular pain and sciatica. Regenesis relieves both and seems to realign my vertebrae with no force whatsoever. I am amazed and delighted by this remarkable practice."
Joy Lasseter, Ph.D., Pleasant Hill, CA

"For so long, I had been taking Tylenol all day every day for terrible headaches, but since your Regenesis treatment, they have been gone! It's miraculous!"
Kathy Slater, Omaha, NE

"I have been dealing with colon cancer since 1985. Since starting Regenesis treatments, I have observed the following: a) greater sense of peace, at ease with self and others; b) each treatment feels like a "waterfall shower for the soul"; c) more in touch with emotions, spirituality, and the movement of chi in my body; d) relief of pain in my colon, especially during treatments. The doctors have declared me "terminal." These treatments by Jim have played a major role in reminding me that I am something far more than that. I am very thankful that Jim happened in my life."
William Shanteau, Santa Cruz, CA

"I have had three session with Jim. The first was for dizzy spells that had restricted my life for many years following an old head injury. The second was for pain in my gall bladder. The third was for pain and restricted motion in my right shoulder. The first two conditions completely disappeared; the third is much improved, and remains so to this day."
Clarence Wood, Watsonville, CA

"I had scoliosis, urinary incontinence, severe disorientation, and general weakness and fatigue. In the first session Jim realigned my spine and the treatment relieved all the other symptoms. Afterwards I felt more grounded than I ever had. The symptoms did return, but subsequent treatments relieved them for longer periods of time until treatments were no longer necessary. I had previously been treated with extensive accupuncture and Chinese herbs with moderate results, until Regenesis. Thanks, Jim.
Karen Garcia, Santa Cruz, CA

What Others Say

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