Regenesis logoRegenesis is a powerful, very focused form of energy healing. It brings soothing relief of physical and psychological distress, and it requires no belief or conscious effort on the part of the client.

Regenesis was developed by Robert Rasmussen of Santa Cruz, California, a world-acclaimed master healer. It gathers both its power and its breadth by going to the ultimate common denominator - energy. Specifically, Regenesis works with an energy known to the Chinese as source chi. In Regenesis, it is referred to as fetal energy because that is when it is most active. This is our template, the energy "shape" that guides the development of our physical bodies. Regenesis works by restimulating that energy, bringing it back to its fetal level of activity. Clients then heal themselves, using this energy and their body's own innate wisdom. Joints painfully out of alignment seem to melt into place, effortlessly. Tissues regenerate and hearts mend, emotionally as well as physically. By addressing issues at their root, Regenesis treatments are holistic in the largest sense of the word.


  • Alleviates or eliminates pain, both chronic and acute
  • Reduces stress
  • Corrects skeletal misalignments - relieves back pain, sciatica, and TMJ syndrome
  • Promotes metabolic homeostasis - promotes normal functioning of the endocrine system
  • Alleviates the symptoms of chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis, prostatitis and fibromyalgia
  • Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  • Integrative - reduces fear and promotes a sense of well-being through major transitions, including death

Jim Mann

Master Regenesis Practitioner
Senior Teacher

Jim has worked with Regenesis energy for more than 30 years. His interest in energy work was sparked initially through his training in Japanese and Chinese martial arts, particularly T'ai Chi, which he also teaches. He has a degree in psychology from the University of California in Santa Cruz and has taken post-graduate training in anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.

A health crisis interrupted Jim's burgeoning career as a freelance writer and gave him a chance to re-evaluate his direction. Following several pivotal treatments by Robert Rasmussen, he knew that he would devote the rest of his life, his gifts, and his training to the full time practice of helping others to heal. Since then, his extraordinary talents have helped to elect him to the chair of the Synergistic Healing Center and developed a faithful clientele in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas. He currently practices in Castro Valley, California.

kirlian photoCentral to Jim's effectiveness is the love he holds for all, humans and animals alike. Many of his clients have voiced a feeling of great safety in his presence, of support in a space held for them, with no agenda or expectations on his part. The rest of the world seems to disappear; they are free simply to be and to heal.

SEMINARS are available for anyone who holds a desire to help others, to see them live the full potential of their health.

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