Regenesis workshop

Regenesis, as a method of healing, uses an energy first studied in starfish as they regenerated lost arms. This energy is also active during the fetal stage of human development. At the age of five or six months, it becomes dormant. The Regenesis practitioner reawakens this energy in himself and uses it to spark the same awakening in others for accelerated healing.


Level I:  History and principles of Regenesis, awareness of the energy on the musculoskeletal level; treating the endocrine system, some head points (eustachian tubes, sinuses, limbic system, temperomandibular joint syndrome, correcting the sphenoid bone, balancing the hemispheres of the brain, the eyes, and the ears), and thoracic and abdominal organs, including the reproductive systems; the chakra system. The course includes healing attitude, non-attachment, confidentiality, establishing a healing space, interview techniques (this part of the training will continue for all four levels), and documentation of sessions. Grounding techniques and wuji stance from t'ai chi.

Level II:   Bringing up the energy in the organs, alignment of the skull, spine, with special techniques for scoliosis, hips and pelvis, including relieving tension in the psoas muscles; nerves of lower extremities, team healing. Deepening understanding of fundamental healing attitudes.

Level III:  Becoming the energy, death and dying, extending energy, distance healing, scanning, team healing, head points for migraines and psychological issues, including pathological rage, autism, trauma and lack of maternal bonding; lymphatic system, spinal healing, mind/body integration; "leaky gut" syndrome and its resulting issues ­ chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and environmental sensitivities.

Level IV:  Diaphragm release, joints of upper and lower extremities, carpal tunnel syndrome, profound diseases (cancer, AIDS), developing protocols. Practice developing protocols during team healing.

Intensives for 2019:

United States:

     Level I - June 21 - 23, Alamo, Ca

     Level IV - August 23 - 25 TBD

     Level II - November 15 - 17, Alamo, Ca

Intensives for 2018:

United States:

     Level II - February 16-17-18, Alamo, Ca

     Level I - June 8-9-10, Alamo, Ca

     Level II - August 10-11-12, Alamo, Ca

     Level III - TBD, Alamo, Ca

Intensives for 2017:

United States:

     Level I - December 8-9-10, Alamo, Ca

Intensives for 2016:

United States:

     Level I - July 8-9-10, Concord, Ca

     Level I - December 2-3-4, Concord, Ca

Intensives for 2015:

United States:

     Level I - February 27, 28, March 1st, Castro Valley, Ca

     Level I - July 31st - August 1 - 2, TBD, Ca

Intensives for 2014:

United States:

     Level III- April 25-26-27, Lafayette, CA

     Level I - May 16-17-18, Lafayette, Ca

Intensives for 2013:

United States:

Jim Mann
     Level I - March 29-30-31, Lafayette, CA

     Level I - May 24-25-26, Lafayette, Ca

     Level II - August 23-25, Lafayette, Ca

     Level I - October 11-13, Lafayette, CA

     Level III - Lafayette, Ca

     Level IV - Lafayette, Ca

Intensives for 2012:

United States:

     Level IV - January 14-15-16, Alamo, CA

     Level I - February 24-25-26, Alamo, Ca

     Level I - July 13-14-15, Lafayette, CA

     Level I - October 12-13-14, Lafayette, CA

     Level II - December 7-8-9, Lafayette, CA

Intensives for 2011:

      Level I - April, 15-16-17, Alamo, CA

      Level II - July 15-16-17, Alamo, CA

      Level III - October 14-15-16, Alamo, CA

      Level I - December 2-3-4, Alamo, CA

Intensives for 2010:

United States:

       Level I - Jan. 15 - 17, Alamo, CA

       Level I - May 14 - 17, Alamo, CA

       Level II - July 16 - 18, Alamo, CA

       Level I - July 23 - 25, Alamo, CA

       Level II - Dec. 17-18-19, Alamo, Ca


       Level II - Feb. 5 - 7

       Level I  - March 19 - 21

       Level III - March 27 - 29

       Level IV - June 11 - 13

       Level II - June 18 - 20


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In this course you will learn:

To Eliminate pain / Promote normal functioning of the immune system

To Correct skeletal, postural and cranial misalignment / Relieve back pain / Release facial stress resulting from TMJ.

To Eliminate conditions causing breathing problems, sinus pain and head aches / Balance the left and right brain.

To Correct hormonal imbalances (environmental allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, mood swings, burnout, insomnia, etc.) / Reduce or clear emotional charges on memories.

To Resolve problems stemming from fear / Comfort during the death transition / Balance the energy centers / Integrate body, mind and spirit.

JimJim Mann has been designated a Master Healer by the Regenesis Healing Center and by his mentor - who discovered Regenesis - Robert Rasmusson, who was recognized world-wide as a master healer. Jim is one of only three practitioners of Regenesis to be so named.

You are invited, healing professional and layman, to receive the Regenesis energy and learn how to use it for clients and family.

Take a look inside these pages to see what Regenesis offers, and how you can benefit from the intensive.


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