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"There's no way to thank you in words.  From what I've heard, I'm doing way better than most who have had this surgery (triple cardiac bypass).  Their acute pain went on for months - in ICU, while you healed me, the pain was lifted away."   - Leslie Luce, Phoenix, AZ

"A year after my lower leg was crushed and infection had set in, the bones showed no sign of healing. My doctors said the leg would have to be amputated, the sooner the better. I began taking herbs and seeing Jim. Two treatments relieved most of the pain, a month later, the infection drained and the bone fragments began to heal. Thankfully, I still have my leg." Dewey, Brentwood, Ca.

"An MRI disclosed a tumor in my right upper pleural cavity, pressing on my lung. I was told be a thoracic surgeon that, without treatment, I would die an excruciating death. His recommendation was removal of the lung. After asking if I could speak with someone who had undergone this surgery and being told he knew of non who were alive, I began seeing Jim. At first, the euphoria and sense of healthy well-being the treatments gave me lasted only a day or two, but over time this feeling of wellness has lasted longer and longer. Now I feel good from treatment to treatment. After two months, another MRI revealed that not only had the tumor stopped growing, it had begun to shrink. I look forward to a future completely tumor-free." Frank Robinson, Prunedale, Ca.

"In 2001, I came down with Endocarditis, a staph, bacterial infection which goes to the heart - valves were damaged. It was a given that I would have to have the valves repaired or replaced. After working with Jim for a year, the doctor said, rather discontentedly I think, 'you are moving away from surgery, rather than towards it. My son, who died a few weeks later, would have been so happy that I had turned my diagnosis around." Pam, Benicia, Ca.

"Not only did my back pain disappear, but I felt new all over - even my skin felt new." David, Pleasant Hill, Ca. "

"This workshop provided for me a rare opportunity to learn abut the art as well as the process of healing to benefit myself and others. I cannot recommend it highly enough to others in the helping professions." Aminah Raheem, Ph.D, Founder, Process Acupressure, Aptos, Ca.

"I have always been impressed with Robert Rasmusson's selfless and sincere dedication to helping others through this process. I have personally felt his effectiveness as a healer, as have a multitude of others, who have consistently reported improvement or resolution of their disability." Jerome Littell, M.D.

"Robert Rasmusson is a fantastic healer and human being. His wealth of knowledge concerning the body and his dedication were a total healing experience. It is also admirable that he is able to successfully teach his healing knowledge to others."
Karen Yien, M.D., (Harvard Medical School), Body/Mind Integration Practice, Los Angeles.

"The 'Rasmusson Regenesis Method' is beyond a doubt, one of the most, if not the most, direct way to utilize energy for the benefit of healing mankind."
John Downing, O.D., Ph.D.

           REGENESIS was founded by Robert Rasmusson, who was internationally acknowledged as a master healer. REGENESIS is a unique process that activates and accelerates healing. REGENESIS is the result of 40 years of experimentation and repeated successful results. Various research projects are now substantiating the information that he received intuitively.

During his 30 years of practice in the Santa Cruz area, Rasmusson helped thousands of people from all over the world. Many clients have called the results, "remarkable," particularly when they have the sensation of bones "melting" into alignment, but, in Bob's opinion, the most remarkable aspect of the work is the simplicity and ease in producing incredible results:

"Anyone," he said, "can learn and practice it effectively!"

In this program, you learn how to access creative, fundamental energies in your own body that enable you to trigger healing processes in yourself and others. The techniques taught can be applied to stimulate healing of all conditions across the spectrum of being - mental, spiritual, emotional or physical. Participants learn to reduce or eliminate pain, stimulate immune-system processes and regeneration of healthy tissue, align the spinal/skeletal system, remove energy blocks and correct energy balances.

Jim at Santa CruzThe purpose of the course is to develop inner qualities that result in the student being a healing force and to provide hands-on techniques that facilitate healing at source points of imbalance. Students learn to modulate energy in their own bodies and use this energy to "jump-start" the healing response in another person. By combining a breathing pattern, focus and other awareness processes with gentle hands-on techniques (light touch to a nerve, nerve plexus or distresses area), the participants learn to align their energy with others; subtle energy, open channels of flow, facilitate transformation and deepen bonding. The process establishes profound relaxation and enhances intuition. Benefits extend into causal dimensions, awakening inner resources and capabilities that enable us to change our circumstances and correct the course of our lives.

The seminar covers legal, ethical and moral considerations; creating a healing environment and healing precautions; the relationship between fear and pain; and the death transition. Student learning is nurtured. Demonstrations of points are followed by hands-on practice; each student receives person healing, as much assistance as necessary in learning the work, and takes home an 80-page illustrated workbook. After-seminar support is available.

The program is designed for healing professionals and laymen - anyone who wants to increase his or her capability for healing, relieve discomfort in themselves or another person, or benefit humankind. Students can immediately use the work to obtain powerful results.

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