by Jim Mann

For the most part, we wish for our work to help people live longer, healthier and more productive lives. Sometimes, however, our abilities must be used to aid in the transition from this life to the next. How that will play out, there is no way to know.

My cousin was terminal with pancreatic cancer. It was already December, and he wasn't expected to see Christmas. And yet, though he was well advanced in his training as an Ogallala Sioux shaman, he was not ready to go. Also, he had put his heart into transforming the back yard of the old family home into a luscious garden, and he wanted one more spring so he could see it bloom again.

He lived in Nebraska; I was in California. I would not be able to see him for but a few days, but I gave him the best I could in the time allotted. At the end of the first day, he came downstairs and joined the family for the first time in two months. After I left two days later, he resumed cooking and washing clothes for the family, as he had been doing before he fell too ill to continue.

Weeks passed. Winter melted away and spring began to raise a sleepy head, then awakened with an exuberance of flowers from bushes and stalks across the yard. My cousin proudly gave his hospice nurse a tour while relishing the fruits of his labor, when he turned to his brother and asked, '"What day is this?'"

'"March 21, the first day of spring,'" his brother said.

'"Good,'" my cousin replied, nodding. '"Tonight I will die.'"

After dinner, he said good-bye to his family and a few close friends, then went upstairs, closed his eyes, and left this world to enter the next.

The head shaman, my cousin's teacher, made a special headdress for the next grand powwow, and wore it when he danced for my cousin. My aunt will always treasure the gift the shaman made of it to her.

And I had the reward of knowing I had helped my cousin find that bit of extra time he needed to make his exit with dignity.

Copyright 2016, Jim Mann


A man my age should know better, but I was high on spirit (no '"s'" on the end, please - the story is bad enough as it is). Eilleen and I had just visited Kakui Puka, which is an active healing heiau on Maui. It was a place of refuge in the old days, where anyone who had broken kapu, and who could outrun the spears, would be purified by the resident kahunas and return home as if nothing had happened.

The energy there is intense. At every visit, I must always stand at the edge of the field for some time, tears streaming down my cheeks, before I can enter the heiau proper. This time, as I stood before the altar stone, a gust of energy blew through me like wind, and I spontaneously began to chant in Hawaiian. This continued for an undeterminable length of time; perhaps five minutes, perhaps eternity. Eilleen then had her turn before the altar stone before we quietly headed back down the hill.

To enter the heiau requires walking through a ranch pasture for a hundred yards or so. Mostly it is unoccupied, but today there were a number of young steers. We walked around them coming in, leaving the trail to make our way over sugar cane stubble that had been chewed into short, ankle-jabbing canes. Not fun in sandals. Coming back, I was determined to use the path, even if it meant walking next to a cluster of five steers. Surely the steers would recognize the loving, healing energy surrounding me and see I was no threat. But one of them had apparently appointed himself guardian of the bunch, and he didn't recognize crap about me.

Steers are usually docile animals, but even if only mildly riled, this guy outweighed me by a lot. Almost casually, he trotted up, placed his nose in my belly, and lifted, easily tossing my down a lava-strewn hillside.

The last thing I wanted was to hit my head on a sharp rock, so I threw my left arm behind me. When I landed, I felt a sickening pain in my wrist, and I was pretty certain I had broken it. Eilleen drove us back to our condo, where I started icing it. It was too late go to urgent care and emergency rooms are horribly expensive. Instead, I worked on the wrist that night, and the next morning, both Eilleen and I worked on it together, along with Christine, my trading partner, who performed distance work, as well as Jenna, Eilleen's friend, who has her own pretty effective healing methods. We all felt the bone move. Both Eilleen and Christine said they felt it move twice.

After a half-hour, we headed for the clinic - me driving. Not a problem. Everyone at the office seemed to enjoy hearing how it happened, but when I was X-rayed, the doctor looked at the perfectly set bone and the thin, bright healing line all the way across the wide end of the ulna, the larger of the two bones of the forearm, and said, '"Well, I see where you had a previous injury.'"

'"Oh, no!'" I blurted. '"That was from last night!'" and he looked at me as if I really did have lobsters crawling out my ears.

After a moment he cleared his throat and said, '"Well, you might want to get a spoon-brace, and go easy with the ice - you're burning your skin.'"

Now, six months later, the carpal bones are still sorting themselves out, but it keeps getting better and better. And next time, the cows can have their path.

Copyright 2016, Jim Mann


This story is from Hanneke, a former student of Regenesis in the Netherlands ­ now a Master Practitioner and certified physiotherapist in Regenesis, who is practicing in her own clinic as an integral part of the Dutch medical system:

"One and one-half years ago, Jim, you gave a very long treatment to Elly, a friend of mine with terminal breast cancer. Do you remember her?

Your treatment was her last treatment with Regenesis as she could not seem to offer any sort of exchange of energy for treatments. From then on, I mostly saw her just to visit and drink coffee. Two months ago, the cancer went very wrong and she could only lie in bed. I gave her a massage there, and she loved it!

Two weeks ago (Monday), her husband phoned me and told me, "If you want to say goodbye to Elly, you have to come, because I think she will die this evening. She is sleeping all the time and can't speak."

I came to her that evening. Elly opened her eyes, saw me, and said very softly and slowly, "I am so tired..."

"Elly," I said. "Do you want energy?"

Yes, she said, and then, Jim, I gave her Regenesis with the point near her Achilles (I read about this point in the Regenesis book) and the other hand on the back of her neck. She woke up, very clear in mind, and with no pain!!!

We spoke a long time, and it was sooooo special. Her husband and three children couldn't believe it!! She had a wonderful evening, and also Tuesday was good. On Wednesday she was sleeping again until 8:30 in the evening. She opened her eyes and said, "I feel again energy come into my body..." I had given her, at that moment, distance Regenesis!!

She had a lovely evening with her family. On Thursday she asked me to come again, and she told me that her daughter's birthday was the next day. I gave her a treatment, and she promised me that she would drink some sugerwater.

The birthday was very, very good. Every hour, I gave her five minutes of distance heeling. On Monday she transcended, one week later then expected, and with so many beautiful moments with her family. And her family! Finally, they believed in Regenesis!

Jim, amazing isn't it??"

Much love from overseas, Hanneke Schippers  


The following healing story is from Martine Bos, a Regenesis student in the Netherlands. Sudeck's atrophy is better known in the US as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), or its more recent official name, complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS. Its precise cause is unknown, but it usually results from an injury, even a surgery, and is of two types ­ one is simply due to having had an injury, and the other is damage to the nerve or nerves serving the area affected. It is a serious, extremely painful condition, and it is very resistant to medical treatment. It usually worsens over time. Often the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is involved, as well as the amygdala. I recommended using the amygdala points to Martine, and on her own, using her intuition, she placed one tripod on the point for the right amygdala and the other on the affected hand. It is exactly what I would have done. Here is the story in Martine's words:

"A lady (55 years old) came to me with a Sudeck's Atrophy on the right hand. She broke her wrist 14 years ago!!! Had more than 450 (!) injections and was still seeing a physiotherapist once a week! She constantly wore a brace and could hardly do anything with that hand since it caused her a lot of pain!

After the first treatment she didn't need the brace anymore and after the second one she was able to fold her fingers again!

I can not describe how happy that lady is!!! Being able to use that hand again after fourteen years! For her it's a MIRACLE!

She never thought it would be possible, but since she had nothing to lose, we just tried! The result is amazing..."


With horror, I watched as my friend's light plane fell into a flat spin and spiraled to earth. I did not know I was about to have my first, and one of my most profound, healing experiences. Just days before, I had met Bob Rasmusson at another friend's house. For several years, I had endured a non-healing fracture in my lower spine. When Bob offered to see if he could help, I felt a profound melting sensation as soon as Bob's fingers touched over the area of the injury, and immediately, the pain that had been constantly probing the length of my left leg disappeared.

As soon as I could, I brought Bob to see my friend in the hospital. The doctors had proclaimed the head injury most certainly fatal, and wanted to harvest his organs as soon as possible. But Bob believed that, with help, Mel could live. His father refused to sign the release. I was then given instructions to work with Mel for 20 minutes every day, while Bob worked on him via distance healing. After eight months, Mel awoke from his coma, aware and speaking clearly. He had minimal contractures, and after he finished recuperating, he reclaimed his life and again was able to enjoy flying. Equally dramatic was the recovery of his friend, Lorna, who was crushed in the accident. Miraculously, the only bones that weren't broken were her spine and skull, but her chest, arms, legs and pelvis, hands, feet, fingers and toes were fractured in multiple places. The surgery to remove fragments of her ribs from her abdomen took hours. No one was sure, providing she survived, if she would walk again. The doctors predicted that she would be hospitalized for nearly a year. And I was about to learn an invaluable lesson in healing ­ the energy has its own intelligence.

Because of her family's religious beliefs, which Lorna did not share, I had one chance, and one chance only, to work with her. When the chance came, the healing energy burst into me. I felt transformed, powerfully transformed, like a walking Tesla coil. Lorna later confessed that she saw a golden light around me as I approached her glassed-in room and that, as soon as the light touched her, her pain was gone and she needed no more morphine for the rest of her recuperation. The nurses had said I could stay no more than five minutes, but as they watched the monitors, they could see the improvement, and I stayed more than an hour before I let myself out. And that hour was most extraordinary. Touching only two fingers protruding from her body cast, accompanied only by the hiss of Lorna's respirator, I felt myself in the deepest communication with another human being that I had ever experienced; a being together in another place, without space or time. Four months later, Lorna was not only out of the hospital, but had her tap dance lessons interrupted when she broke her wrist roller skating.

For many years, I believed that these healings were a divine gift specifically for Mel and Lorna, but when the friend who had introduced me to Bob suggested we go to see him, Bob sat down at the table oppose me, looked me in the eye and said, "You of all people should be doing this work, and I am going to do whatever it takes to see that you are." That was the beginning of accelerated training in the profound and yet simple method of healing that Bob had developed. The training dove-tailed perfectly with my degree in psychology and my graduate-level training in biochemistry and human anatomy and physiology, as well as my training in Chinese martial arts. At the time my training began, I had recently had a near-death experience and was still grappling with a life-threatening disease. Several pivotal sessions with Bob turned that around, and I knew that I wanted to devote my life to helping others heal.

copyright 2011-16, Jim Mann, all rights reserved.